Impossible Choices

Food or Drugs

Rina’s Choice: The Road Back

Rina went from addict-in-forest to super-volunteer Harvest Star living on her own. A journey that started with a touch of kindness, and a taste for Harvest food.

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Brenda Payley

Food Nurtures Knowledge

Everybody knows Harvest distributes food – but Brenda is using it to bring lost food knowledge and cooking skills to the table of new generations.

Brenda Paley is the Executive Director of Action Centre Day Nursery – a multi-age group early childhood centre, located in the heart of the North End.

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At Harvest

Kind Hearts in the Warehouse

Your day will be just a little bit brighter for stepping into the warehouse to meet Peter and Setti. They’re terrific people who make Harvest happen — the very essence of Harvest Stars.

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