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Did you know that 49% of the people we feed are our children?

Harvest’s Meals2Go program proudly serves Manitoba’s school children. Our goal is to prevent child hunger, fuel learning and support healthy, active living for Manitoba’s children. In addition to providing food to schools and daycares throughout the school year, Meals2Go provides:

  • take home weekend food kits for kids during the school year; and,
  • weekly food kits during the summer months in urban and northern communities.

The Meals2Go kit includes a supply of healthy breakfast foods including cereal, milk, fruit and dairy items such as yogurt. The kits also include inspirational notes that boost a child’s self-esteem and confidence.

For more information please contact:
Grace Weigelt at (204) 982- 3673 | gweigelt@HarvestManitoba.ca

To make a donation to this program please contact:

Colleen McVarish at (204) 982- 3666 | cmcvarish@HarvestManitoba.ca


For those who love to garden, Grow-a-Row is an ideal way to share with your community. Harvest redistributes your produce to the more than 83,000 Manitobans that need emergency food each month. All produce is welcome but root crops are encouraged due to their long shelf life. Cucumbers, tomatoes and even crab apples are also welcomed.

Our Top 3 most needed vegetables are: Carrots, Onions and Potatoes.