Caring for Communities

Proud to feature our Harvest Star partner Manitoba Chicken Producers. Through their Caring for Communities program 85 Manitoba farm families give 1,000 chickens every month to feed hungry families across the province.  Learn more about their incredible generosity.

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Kerry Weyman

Kerry moved her family to Winnipeg in 1996 and found Harvest. In this feature video, she shares her moving story and poems she wrote about her struggles. She also talks about volunteering at Harvest and how it gave her more self-confidence. Kerry said she was so shy that she never spoke to someone until spoken to first – all that changed volunteering at Harvest.

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Brenda Greyeyes

Brokenhead Ojibway First Nation Food Bank

Brenda Greyeyes of Brokenhead Ojibway First Nation Food Bank shares how vital Harvest support is for feeding those who need it most in their community.

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Disability Denied, now what?

Meet Ian Graham

He’s been great for Harvest. In 2012 Ian arrived in Winnipeg with no money and no food. He applied for disability (he has one) but was denied. Instead, he was referred to Harvest. Feeling the need to ‘pay for his supper’, Ian began volunteering, doing sorting work in the Harvest warehouse. Ian has been with us for the last 9 years and we love him. Watch the video of his story. It’s short, but strong. As strong as Ian’s commitment to Harvest and our community.

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Food or Drugs

Rina’s Choice: The Road Back

Rina went from addict-in-forest to super-volunteer Harvest Star living on her own. A journey that started with a touch of kindness, and a taste for Harvest food.

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Brenda Payley

Food Nurtures Knowledge

Everybody knows Harvest distributes food – but Brenda is using it to bring lost food knowledge and cooking skills to the table of new generations.

Brenda Paley is the Executive Director of Action Centre Day Nursery – a multi-age group early childhood centre, located in the heart of the North End.

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At Harvest

Kind Hearts in the Warehouse

Your day will be just a little bit brighter for stepping into the warehouse to meet Peter and Setti. They’re terrific people who make Harvest happen — the very essence of Harvest Stars.

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