You’re on the fast track to making a difference your way.

Make an online cash donation, volunteer, organize a food drive where you work, advocate, or create a corporate campaign. Harvest can’t do it alone. But together we can feed a lot of hungry Manitobans.

Donate Money

Over 108,000 Manitobans rely on Harvest Manitoba for food every month, and nearly half are children. Please help us fight hunger in our community.

Donate Food

Harvest sees food as essential to life, happiness and community. And it’s easier to give than you thought.


Donate Time

In 2023, our volunteers put in more than 65,000 volunteer hours to serve the Harvest Food Network and hungry Manitobans. Join us. Your opportunities will be endless.

Training is fun and efficient. Shifts are flexible. There’s a way for you, your family or your business to help Harvest feed our community.

Pick Your Harvest Volunteer Adventure

We have a wide variety of jobs including intake, sort, pack, organize, clean, drive and more! Harvest is happy to accommodate you, your family, friends, your business or community group.

In-Kind Giving

Do you have something other than money or time, such as a product or service that you would like to offer to Harvest? What business or service are you in? Like any large operation, we probably need some of what you have or do.

Give the Gift of Securities

Donating publicly-traded stock and securities is a tax-smart way to support Harvest.

Donating securities directly avoids tax on capital gains, maximizes the return on your investment and protects the tax credits for use against other taxable income.

Be an Advocate – Use Your Voice

1 in 5 Manitobans lives with food insecurity. Find out how you can help.

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And once a month, we’ll send you a serving of emotional calories and good will, courtesy of our community.