Harvest Voices 2023

Harvest Manitoba is committed to addressing food insecurity and poverty within our province. To shed light on the profound real-world impact of these issues in Manitoba, we surveyed communities from May to September 2023 to better understand why people access food banks.

Key Findings:

Food bank usage in Manitoba has increased 150% since 2019, with a 30% increase in the past year.

  • Over 50% of first-time food bank clients in Winnipeg are displaced Ukrainians.
  • 40% of Harvest Manitoba’s clients are employed, a 66% increase from last year.
  • 68% of respondents are female.
  • 43% of respondents have a disability.


Harvest Voices 2023 amplifies the voices of hardworking families, newcomers, struggling adults, and seniors relying on our food banks. This report is a call to action that provides recommendations for the government and the public to help us fight food insecurity and ensure that no Manitoban goes hungry.