Living Well with Diabetes

Check out this booklet created for folks living with diabetes. It includes simple recipes using ingredients found at our food banks!

*Written by students from the College of Nursing at the University of Manitoba.

Good Enough: A Cookbook

Leanne Brown’s cookbook, “Good Enough,” shares recipes and tips on how to make approachable and delicious meals on a budget.

Harvest Hamper Healthy Recipes

These healthy and tasty recipes can be made from ingredients found in our Harvest Hampers. They are shared through our monthly e-newsletter and on social media.

Manitoba Chicken Producers Recipes

Manitoba Chicken Producers and Farm Families contribute 1,000 chickens a week for Harvest Hampers. Dunn-Rite Foods and Exceldor Cooperative process them for distribution.

Manitoba Egg Farmers Recipes

Did you know that Manitoba Egg Farmers provides 10,000 eggs a week for Harvest Hampers.

These eggs along with the ones you buy in Manitoba grocery stores are produced right here in our province by regulated egg farmers who meet high standards in food safety and animal care.

Manitoba Pork Recipes

Manitoba Pork Producers and Farm Families also support Harvest families with food and funds.